Hong Kong For A Second

Hong Kong is a vibrant concrete jungle bustling with energy and character. Though too short, 48 hours spent in this lovely city was as wonderful as ever. Some would say it's heaven on Earth for shoppers and others would say it's the perfect destination for foodies, and although both are true in every sense, it was the city's unique history and traditions that captured my heart. The presence of Western meets Easter influences displayed through its architecture, urban sprawl and culture is a sight and experience to be reckon with. As a girl of Chinese decent who grew up in Canada, looking at Hong Kong felt like gazing through a mirror and the connection was very much real. In the shortest amount of time ever, I fell deeply in love with this fast-paced, densely-populated metropolis. 


Graffiti Alley

A sundate stroll down my favourite street in the city calls for an impromptu photo shoot in the famous Graffiti Alley with my girl, Monique. This colourful backstreet is the treasure of Queen Street West, which was recently named the second hippest district in the world by Vogue. Whether you agree with the magazine or not, it is definitely worth the visit if you ever happen to be in Toronto. 


Head Over Heels

Give your hat a little head, and your head a little hat this summer. I've never been a huge advocate for headwear but lately, I've been deeply embracing this portable, personal shade. I adore the downright contrast of these two and love how they can each completely define an outfit. 


black is the new black

Forget all colours of the spectrum because b l a c k IS the new black, especially when it comes to lipstick hues. It's different from the conventional colour of choice but I'm never really conservative when it comes to style. 



Nothing speaks so adequately of simplicity and refinement like an all-white jumpsuit...especially one that is finely tailored with luxurious clean lines. A piece like this is also the perfect blank canvas to accessorize and style to your liking. Most of all, the monochromatic and minimalistic train continues its journey through this season, and this utilitarian one-piece garment embraces the trend quite flawlessly.